WizarPOS All-in-One Android POS Featured in Greensheet

WizarPOS Q2 & Q3

Source: http://www.greensheet.com/emagazine.php?article_id=6995

WizarPOS, an Android POS solutions and payment systems provider, recently received OmniPay certification for its Q2 and Q3 mobile POS devices. The flagship products process credit and debit transactions across borders and channels, including online and offline PINs for magnetic stripe, chip, and contactless transactions. The OmniPay certificate was provided by Fiserv, a subsidiary of European Merchant Services, the company stated. 

Kaishen Zhu, the founder of WizarPOS, thanked EMS and Fiserv for the certification, which enables the company to expand its global footprint and serve more merchants and clients. “WizarPOS commits to quality and security at the services of our long-term network partners,” he said.

Zhu called WizarPOS an Android POS terminal trailblazer that has shipped more than 2 million POS devices since introducing its first wireless POS device in 2005. The company continues to design and enable Android merchant payments ecosystems, he added, by deploying devices, SDKs, terminal management systems and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

PIN-on-Glass mobile POS


The WizarPOS Q2 has been deployed in North America, South America, Europe, and East Asia, Zhu stated, adding that its sleek design and flexible mounting options provide a frictionless user experience backed by commercial-grade security. The device has a 5.5-inch touch screen and color display and supports handheld or countertop configurations. Its smart POS functionality ranges from omnichannel acceptance and thermal printing to inventory management and a smart terminal management system.

The WizarPOS handheld Q3 facilitates chip, magnetic, and contactless card payments and supports an optional barcode scanner and biometric modules to extend usability to varied verticals. Q3 also offers tailored color schemes to enhance branding. Portable and Android-enabled, the Q3 is designed to provide fast, safe mobile payments and can be integrated into vending machines as an embedded payment module. The device supports contactless bank cards, NFC mobile payments, and QR codes. 

Zhu pointed out that both the WizarPOS Q2 and Q3 have a holistic in-house technology stack and support a range of payment methods. For example, he added, an e-SIM feature on these terminals facilitates smooth connectivity and enables provisioners and end-users to easily change a wireless carrier, data, or service plan through the software over the air (OTA) without using a physical SIM card. In addition, these devices are backed by more than two decades of software and hardware expertise and experience, he stated.

Full stack technology


WizarPOS believes that open payments acceptance platforms are the future of commerce and has developed a full stack of technologies around this vision, Zhu stated. He added that in addition to an extended line of smart POS devices that support all payment methods, including magnetic stripe, contact and contactless smart cards, barcodes, QR codes, digital wallets and cash, WizarPOS offers the following:

    • Terminal management system (TMS): A complete set of cloud-based tools with the necessary granularity to manage the assets, applications, parameters, and features over the air (OTA).
    • Open application program interfaces (APIs): A set of open APIs to enable easy integrations and innovations.
    • Remote key injection (RKI): A mechanism to support secure remote key injection, reducing time and effort to prepare a POS, as everything is programmed OTA.
    • White-label merchant solutions: A set of white-label merchant solutions for retail and dining.
    • Unattended solutions: An unattended POS solution that supports safe, contactless transactions, remote upgrades, and maintenance across self-service sectors.
  • SaaS solutions: A set of SaaS solutions designed to help ISOs and agents create new recurring revenue streams.

“WizarPOS offers innovative, out-of-box POS solutions at a disruptive cost structure that leverages the Android ecosystem,” Zhu said.