Our Story

Founded in 2012 with innate Android DNA to enable smart payments, WizarPOS has committed to ready-to-use one-stop solutions accessible and upgradable anytime, anywhere, in comparison with closed-looped and siloed business workflow on the traditional POS.

In essence, WizarPOS implies the mastery of a smart POS system that can magically transform and benefit merchants through a cloud-based digitized solution.

Every founding member of WizarPOS has been devoted to this industry for at least two decades with domain knowledge and know-how of POS security and multi-application embedded OS.

They built up a company that offers innovative out-of-the-box POS solutions while engineering a disruptive cost structure of POS hardware and software leveraging the Android ecosystem

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What makes WizarPOS unique?


Cutting-edge POS technology on an open platform


30-year proven records of compliance and certifications in the payment industry globally


Decades of expertise in financial product development, manufacturing, and commercialization


Product team located in the global crux of smart device design houses, Shanghai, China


In-house R&D center and technical support teams


An organic mixture of localization and internationalization


Team’s DNA of making differences


  • Asia’s 1st generation of the Internet banking system
  • Asia’s 1st PKI based digital certificate system
  • Asia’s 1st online merchant
  • Asia’s 1st SET e-payment product for e-commerce, payment gateway, and e-wallets

Asia’s 1st generation key management system for EMV chip cards

The world’s 1st mobile wallet and payment solution based on WAP

The world’s 1st PCI-certified mobile POS

The world’s 1st GlobalPlatform compliant Java POS

The world’s 1st cloud-based and GlobalPlatform compliant app store for POS

The world’s 1st Android POS

The world’s 1st PCI-certified Android mobile POS

The world’s 1st PCI-certified PIN-on-Glass smart POS

The Financial Technology service center of The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Global Science & Technology Innovation Network

Over 100 patents internationally

The world’s first mPOS accepting cryptocurrency