The trailblazer in Android POS Technology

The trailblazer in Android POS Technology

Our mission

Enable Smart Payments

Dedicated to enabling Android POS systems and payment solutions worldwide, WizarPOS partners with distributors and value-added resellers in over 100 countries. With over 3 million shipments and deployment of Android smart terminals and point-of-sale payment solutions, WizarPOS excels in payment expertise, customer centricity, and technology innovation.

Why WizarPOS?


Specialty in payment device security

WizarPOS team designed the world’s first wireless POS certified under PCI v1.3 back in 2005.

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10+ years' open platform expertise in Android point of sale devices

WizarPOS team launched the world’s first Java-based POS and SDK.


The first company migrated to Android with zero legacies

WizarPOS rolled out the world’s first Android-based POS project in 2013.


A clear roadmap for Android merchant POS

WizarPOS spearheads a holistic product roadmap: fixed and portable, indoor and outdoor, in-person and unattended, and standard and custom terminals.


Cost-effective terminal management systems (TMS)

Over-the-air management of terminals reduces 80% of maintenance workload on the ground.


One-stop SaaS solutions encompassing CRM and ERP

WizarPOS offers end-to-end merchant point-of-sale suites that generate new revenue streams for resellers.

WizarPOS company introduction

WizarPOS was founded by industry veterans who aspire to change the status quo. The Android DNA was carried out since day one. Learn more about the legacy, the team, and flagship devices and POS systems.



Founded with the vision of reforming the EFTPOS industry with Android POS


Launched the world's first Android POS terminal


Released TMS and SDK and onboarded 50+ partners


Introduced SaaS-based smart catering and retail solutions


Announced Q1, the world's first PCI PTS certified handheld Android POS


Fully certified for TQM, PayPass, payWave, and QuickPass


Commenced fully certified Q2 (PIN on glass POS) and peaked at 500 global partners


Shipped 1 million mobile POS units worldwide


Kicked off Q3, the game-changer of the mobile POS market


Opened a new plant

Accumulated 3 MM Android POS shipments


By Numbers

years of POS industry experience
100 +
man-years of expertise​
world's first records in the payment industry​
100 +
global partners
1 +
1000 +
unit shipments

The POS terminal industry landscape is evolving, propelled by ever-changing consumer needs and wants, technology convergency, and constant payment application upgrades. This offers both opportunities and challenges to all industry players, including distributors, value-added resellers (VAR), merchants, banks, and acquirers. 

Also, the COVID-19 pandemic expedites businesses to transform towards the new business and social norms, from the partial or full online business presence and omnichannel approach for a smooth buyer journey to payment infrastructure upgrade.

Are you ready to catch the payment industry wave?

Consumer demands

Consumers expect an easy, secure, and speedy point-of-sale experience. Rising debit, credit, QR code, and contactless payments are fueling demands for sophisticated terminal systems.

In particular, the contactless payment method is flourishing globally, especially after COVID-19 as a global research study shows, owing to its ease of payment, hygienic no contact feature, and secure transactions within seconds.

All these trends pose a question to merchants, banks, and acquirers: how agile is your payment system to adapt to constant changes?

The rise of mobile POS (mPOS)

Affordable and reliable wireless communication technologies have enabled the snowballing adoption of mobile POS (mPOS). Also, mPOS systems outperform their fixed counterparts in aspects of portability and accessibility, small footprint, paperless receipts, enhanced security, and reduced customer wait time.

Furthermore, marketing mobile applications can create new revenue streams and customer engagement for merchants at the moment of checkouts.

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