Everything you need for a revolutionary Android Payment Ecosystem

Discover a united ecosystem where the innovative App store and SDK converge with the robust WizarView Terminal Management System (TMS), empowering the payment processing landscape with unmatched efficiency, customization, and fortified security.

Distinctive features

Best-in-class Android Terminal SDK in the world

Acquirer/PSP’s own App store, ISV / developers can publish Apps and approve by Acquirer/PSP

A PCI DSS certified TMS for OTA device management and PCI PIN certified Remote Key Injection (RKI)

Open APIs for seamless 3rd-party integration


More Features
Why WizarView?

Integrated with best-in-class SDK and developer portal, one-stop-shop to test, verify, sign and upload the application

Organize applications and firmware updates through group management for targeted action

Remotely push, delete, suspend, or update applications on specific terminal or in groups / tags

Various installation modes to suit different needs including forced, deferred and pop-up installation mode or app store navigation mode driven by the merchant

Support the “tag” function to configure applications across different groups and terminals, offering unparalleled flexibility in application management.

  • Stay informed of application status, including provider, version, downloading progress, operator details etc
  • Receive alerts and notifications for any application-related issues, ensuring quick resolution.


  • Security domain is defined for application providers, setting clear permissions on allowable and restricted actions to safeguard ecosystem.
  • Mapping the various roles of the players  in the payment ecosystem


  • Supports secure, resilient and fast application download and scheduled download task.
  • Supports “pilot downloads” mode to test applications on a small batch of terminals, minimizing risks.
  • Utilize distributed download servers to significantly speed up the process, especially  for massive download task


AppWizard- SDK

The best-in-class Android POS SDK

PCI and EMV compliant

Validated by hundreds of smooth L3 projects. Dedicated expert team to comply with the latest certifications. Complete tool chain for every stakeholders to maintain the security.

Payment API

Well-defined payment Semi-Integration API in a secure manner. Enable payment for your apps with just few lines of code. Support both on-device and web-based API.

Robust and Developer Friendly

In-depth optimized drivers and firmware offers super robustness. Large and growing online wiki knowledge base in the trusted community. Full range of reference applications with source code.

The WizarPOS AppWizard platform emerges as a noteworthy innovation, designed to streamline the operational framework for Android-based payment solutions. It stands out by providing robust security measures that align with PCI and EMV standards, which is vital for the industry’s trust and compliance. The AppWizard suite includes a highly intuitive SDK for developers, along with a comprehensive App Store tailored for the payment industry and varied verticals, ensuring not only secure but also versatile and custom application management. This system facilitates seamless updates and integration, offers real-time monitoring for operational transparency, and supports a security-focused domain architecture, optimizing both the developer’s experience and the end-user’s interaction with the technology.