WizarPOS Ticket Validator

An indispensable secure fare collection terminal for transit systems and line-busting businesses

The WizarPOS ticket validator brings simplicity, the highest transaction security, and convenience to every passenger, transportation carrier, or integrator. The validator enriches the frictionless user experience with its on-the-go feature and rigorous design.

  • A compact size suitable for varied scenarios and verticals
  • Both bank and prepaid card acceptance
  • A future-proof Android-based POS terminal

A compact size suitable for varied scenarios and verticals

Audio signal notification

Easy installation on a pole

Simple fixation

Attaching to a wall

  • An omni-payment solution including contactless, prepaid, NFC, mobile, and bar code payments
  • A rigid design ensuring stable operations under harsh conditions
  • Extensive communications: GSM / 3G / 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or eSIM

Positioning systems: GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou

Interfaces: Ethernet / PoE, RS232, RS485, USB, SIM, SAM

A custom Android platform satisfying tailored needs and data privacy

A quick turnaround time of application development

Merchant applications

Buses / Shuttles




Amusement parks