PCI PIN 3.1 Certified OTA Remote Key Injection Anywhere

The WizarPOS Remote Key Injection (RKI) solution turbocharges data encryption in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner.

Remote Key Injection is a process for the secure transfer of encryption keys between a payment terminal and a remote server. Compared to its on-premises counterpart, RKI prevents keys or data from interception or manual manipulation. It is also scalable when a distributor or service provider injects keys to unlimited POS terminals in different locations. In addition, RKI eliminates personnel training and certification costs.

Benefits of the WizarPOS Remote Key Injection

  • Optimal security warranted by the PCI PIN 3.1 standard
  • Streamlined ISO/ISV over-the-air (OTA) workflow 
  • Thousands terminals’ key injection in seconds
  • Minimize the labour cost for key injection
  • Reduce the terminal maintenance time
  • Independence of Key Injection Facility (KIF)

Features of the WizarPOS Remote Key Injection

Features of the WizarPOS Remote Key Injection

  • Applied to all WizarPOS devices and POS systems
  • Mainstream key types supported
  • Always up-to-date security patches
  • Global partner network

Why WizarPOS?