A Terminal Management System Supporting Multi-layer Group(s)

Each group in TMS represents a client or an agent with assigned users, roles, and system configuration permissions. An individual group can monitor and manage all terminals, applications, logs, firmware, and system parameters within the group and all subgroup(s).

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  • Track real-time terminal status and data online
  • Monitor terminal locations on Google Map
  • View and set terminal properties
  • Remotely control terminals
  • Remotely manage and configure applications and parameters
  • Activate batch management for the entire group

Application Management

  • Release, update and delete applications
  • View and maintain application versions
  • Support multiple types of applications, including APK, firmware and parameters
  • Check and review the permissions and application signatures

System Management​

  • Configure users and roles
  • Assign permissions and access to designated roles
  • A system administrator can assign user-specific access based on the designated role
  • Automatically lock a user after a certain period of inactivity

Remote Support Capability

  • Trigger terminals to download applications
  • Retrieve and download terminal diagnostic files
  • Remotely list and remove installed applications
  • Remotely lock a terminal
  • Record user activity logs

eSIM Management​

  • An end-to-end RSP (Remote SIM Provisioning) Platform enables global OTA services
  • Networks cover 200+ countries and regions