WizarPOS Releases Smart Kiosk D22 to Enable Self-Service Omni-Payments

A Versatile Android Kiosk Spearheads Payments with Safety and Convenience

Jul 27, 2022, Los Angeles (NewsWire) – WizarPOS, the trailblazer in Android terminal and payment systems, announces that its Android kiosk D22 will be serving clients by end of this year. Certified under PCI, EMV, and mainstream contactless payment networks, the smart D22 accepts omni-payments either on a multi-touch screen with an EMV card reader and a virtual PIN pad or through barcode scanning, enabling seamless transactions within seconds on one device. The D22 offers two screen sizes, 22 and 33 inches, as well as custom display size options. Deployed and managed on a cloud-based Terminal Management System, this all-in-one kiosk fulfills hassle-free troubleshooting, downloads, and upgrades over the air. On top of the regular Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity, the D22 kiosk also has 4G and Ethernet options to warrant undisrupted connections.

Kaishen Zhu, the co-founder, and CEO of WizarPOS, remarks, “Unattended, Contactless, and QR code payments have skyrocketed during and after the pandemic. We acknowledge this trend and listen to our clients. Thanks to our in-house R&D team, the feature-rich D22 kiosk satisfies every demand from consumers, merchants, and service providers. It’s safe, future-proof, and efficient powered on the latest Android platform. I anticipate its wide use in any unattended service verticals, such as restaurants, retail, ticketing, car washing, parking, and tourist centers.”

WizarPOS, embracing the Android-only open platform and product development principle, has shipped over three million devices on five continents. Its flagship mobile Android POS terminals, Q1 and Q2, have empowered mobile banking and digitized point-of-sale systems across retail, catering, and transit sectors in fast-growing markets.