WizarPOS Unattended Payment Terminal

Supercharge cashless payments through the WizarPOS unattended POS (UPT)

The WizarPOS unattended Android terminal meets ever-change consumer needs, increases profitability, and shortens the turnaround and deployment time. With its extensive communications and payment acceptance, this future-proof vending POS turns every self-service station into a customer magnet when they grab and go.

An omni-payment solution including

  • magnetic
  • chip
  • contactless
  • NFC
  • mobile
  • e-Wallets
  • Barcode scanning
  • QR code acceptance

Versatile cashless unattended/self-service payments across industries

Fast and safe integration compliant with NAMA and EVA standards for quick onsite upgrade or remodeling

Accelerated application turnaround time enabled through Android-based SDKs

Stable operations powered by low energy consumption & anti-tamper protection

Extensive connection options

4G / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / Ethernet / MDB / RS232 / RS485 / USB / eSIM, or custom interfaces

  • Touchscreen
  • Sunlight readable
  • QR / Barcode scanning
  • Voice command
  • Remote management
  • Marketing integration for customer engagement

Merchant applications

Parking lots

Gas stations


Car wash

Electric vehicle charging stations

Vending machines/kiosks


Unattended ticketing


Micro market

Self-service kiosks