Smart ECR

An intuitive, scalable, and future-proof ECR solution for retailers and restaurants

The WizarPOS smart electronic cashier register (ECR) solution combines the robust Android technology with an ECR, streamlining point-of-sale transaction experiences for both merchants and consumers. On top of the acceptance of magnetic, chip, and contactless cards, it also performs e-signature, digital wallets, barcode scanning, and QR code payments.


Custom-made to tailor each business type

Optimal security and scalability empowered by the Android 11 platform

A cloud-based Terminal Management System ensuring hassle-free downloads, maintenance, and upgrades

An easy integration with the ordering, menu, inventory, reporting, employee management, and CRM systems

A small footprint saving counter space

The WizarPOS Smart ECR Empowers Retailers and Restaurants with an Intuitive and Scalable Solution.

High-performance yet low-power consumption processor based on ARM Cortex-A55

2G RAM + 16G ROM

4G RAM + 32G ROM (Optional)

Customized security system based on Android 11

Crafted to enhance every aspect of the transaction process, the WizarPOS Smart ECR blends sophistication with simplicity.

User-driven design tailored to businesses of any size

80 mm thermal printer

In-built 80 mm auto-cutter thermal printer

200 mm/s printing

Maximum printing speed of 200mm per second

150 km print life

150 km

print life

More External Interfaces for Connectivity

  • USB Type-A port x 4
  • RJ12 Cash Box Interface × 1
  • RJ45 LAN port × 1
  • Audio Jack port x 1
  • DC-IN x1
  • RJ11x1
  • TF card slot x1

Merchant applications


Catering Orders

Franchise Stores

Membership Management



Booking & Payments